OIT Campus Linux Services

Note : As of May 2018, NCSU Realm Linux installations should be using Satellite6 for patching


For more information, contact CSI at group-oit-csi@ncsu.edu

Information below is inactive and retained for historical purposes, links have been removed
Campus Linux Services (CLS), part of OIT, is a group at NC State University that provides support for Linux and Open Source resources on campus. CLS provides a supported Linux distribution called Realm Linux, access to Red Hat Enterprise Linux, installation, monitoring, and other services. Around campus there are many facilities for supporting Realm Linux and the Open Source movement at NC State University in general.

Realm Linux

Realm Linux is a specialized Linux framework that seemlessly integrates into NC State’s computing environment. It brings all the advantages of Linux to a supported computing platform at NC State University. Realm Linux is OIT’s supported solution for servers and workstations on campus. The distribution consists of a set of add on packages to Red Hat Enterprise Linux or one of the Enterprise Linux clones.

Realm Linux was created and brought most of the way to where it is today by students of NC State University. It is a backend server platform and workstation platform created by students to be used by students, staff, and faculty. Campus Linux Services would like to continue this tradition by having students continue to participate in this project. If you are interested, please take a look at the documentation in the CLS Wiki and send some email to the Realm Linux Developer’s List.

Open Source Initiative

CLS has launched the NCSU Open Source Initiative. The goal of the OSI is to encourage the growth of the open source community here at NCSU and encourage participation in open source projects outside of NCSU.

To facilitate these goals the OSI offers project hosting services for NC State faculty, staff, and students. The OSI is also building a network of Open Source projects happening throughout the university to build collaboration inside and outside of the university.

Find the NCSU Open Source Initiative and list your project:

  • Open Source @ NCSU (was https://www.ncsu.edu/it/open_source/)

Campus Linux Services Information

This web site contains documentation and services for the Linux community at NC State University. Get started with the following:

  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux for the UNC System – Information about Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) for NC State University and the UNC GA. Information about how to get access to RHEL, how to subscribe to the RHN Satellites as part of the contract, and get support.
  • Realm Linux Service Committee Meetings – Announcements about meetings, meeting summaries and copies of meeting presentations can be found by joining the realmlinux-service mailing list. All interested persons are welcome to attend the RLSC meetings.
  • Realm Linux Service Committee Google Drive Folder – Documents and agendas from the RLSC meetings can be found here.