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Learning Linux

Whether you're new to Linux or just interested in learning more, here are some recommendations for leveling up your Linux knowledge.

Where should I start?

  • If you don’t have a Linux machine handy, check out Learning Linux without Linux.
  • Do you want to install Linux on your own machine? Check out the instructions to install Ubuntu or RedHat Linux. Distributions are bootable via USB and can be tried without altering the drive.
  • Take advantage of NC State’s subscription to LinkedIn Learning, and try this great video tutorial: Linux Essentials.
  • If you prefer a text tutorial, check out the Software Unix Shell from Software Carpentry

What next?

  • Move on to the Carpentry’s Extra Unix Shell
  • Becoming proficient in Vim is a big step toward loving the command line! Check out LinkedIn’s Vim Tutorial, or the How to Learn Vim tutorial created by the Linux Users Group (LUG) at NC State.

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