Linux at NC State

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Endpoint Protection Guidance

There are currently two multi-tenant configuration management environments for Linux which comply with standards specified in the Endpoint Protection Standard. While the deadline for implementation for Linux endpoints is not until December 31, 2020; these systems are working ahead of the curve to make sure users with Linux hosts are ready.

OIT Central Services Integration (CSI)

OIT CSI offers OIT Linux Services (OLS) as a centrally supported Linux build environment that ensures operational compliance with university policies and standards. All systems built and managed by OIT CSI comply with currently available EPS controls.  As more EPS-support services become available, OIT CSI will incorporate them into basic build profiles and assist customers with endpoint security.

For more information about OLS, see Overview of OIT Linux Service Environment.

To discuss specific issues and requirements, send email to  For general help concerns, send email to

Campus Linux Services (CLS)

The CLS is a community of system administrators at NC State that have a shared interest in discussing and developing standards for how services based on Linux are administered and delivered to campus. We work together to solve problems through positive discussion, constructive criticism and collaborative effort. The CLS maintains shared Puppet code that implements currently available EPS controls. The CLS community works closely with OIT Security and Compliance in treating compliance as an on-going effort.

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